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SafeConduct brings benefits of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) v3.0 standard, including digital certificate authentication and 256-bit data encryption, to any point-to-point application data traffic.

Many enterprise applications today access sensitive data across the Internet or VPNs without employing data encryption or client authentication. As such, legacy application data traffic is susceptible to unauthorized access or tampering and thus raises serious information privacy and quality risks. SafeConduct transparently removes these risks by securely protecting virtually all application data access without impact to existing applications.

SafeConduct can be used with a variety of application architectures including client-server, host-slave, or multi-tier. Examples include applications accessing databases, file transfer utilities, terminal emulation sessions, email access, or remote monitoring applications. These third-party or in-house developed applications are transparently secured and do not require change to the application source code.


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Industry SSL v3.x support
NIST FIPS 140-2 validated crypto and SSL functions
Node-to-Node authentication
No change required to legacy application source code
Broad platform support
Extensive internal and Windows log reporting and accessibility
User-friendly graphical interface and platform

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